Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra looks great and have 50 megapixel sensor

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Re: Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra looks great and have 50 megapixel sensor

vv50 wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

I'm still left shaking my head on the camera focal length selections. Just as dumb as the P40 Pro (which I own too).

as an owner of a smartphone with a 125mm "5x" zoom lens you've proven to manufacturers that you're part of the target market of high zoom cameras. in a world where the samsung galaxy 21 and xiaomi ultra 11 exists, a competitor developing a product with a 85mm lens or "3x" equivalent zoom selling at the same price point as those other brands could ruin them.

The only reason I purchased the P40 Pro was because a retailer had it reduced by 30% in price and I needed a phone with a better camera than my previous phone.

You can read about by experience of the cameras on the P40 Pro here, but the upshot is the only camera find worth using on the P40 Pro is the main camera zoomed out to 0.8x - just before you hit the ultra-wide - so you are using the whole sensor. The 50mp AI is awesome too for scenes without motion, The ultra-wide and tele cameras are rubbish.

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