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Re: Adobe has messed me up again ---- Lightroom v6 question

BertIverson wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

Thanks for you thoughts. I indeed did enter the 24 digit key and the trial version popup went away. However, the next time I tried to start LR, I got a popup stating that I had too many copies of LR on my computers. Please deactivate the extra copies. Since I have LR V6 only on my main computer, this was not an option.
I spent 2 hours on Adobe support chat and they finally reset the LR copies count on my computer back to 1. He said a bit of a bug sometimes causes this count to be 2 instead of 1 ????? Who knows but he said it should not happen again.

Anyway all is well right now,

Well LR6 worked for a few weeks and now I am back in the same boat. My licensed copy of Ver 6 LR is messed up again. The same issue that took me 2 hours on adobe chat to have my computer set back to 1 user. I do not need this foolishness so I am tossing my LR6 in the garbage. I am switching to Darktable or RawTherapee. I never used any of LR catalogs or file management tools (I keep my photos in ThumbsPlus). My copy of PSE2018 is still working and it is used for pixel editing. (not very mush at that).

I am sure Adobe will not miss me since I never rented their SW. However, I ponied up the $100 or so for their last version of LR6 and figured that would do me. I am sure my raw development needs will be easily met by either of the 2 replacement developers mentioned above. (I will try PSE2018 to develop my raw photos first)

Adios Adobe !!!

So sorry to learn about your problems. After purchasing a perpetual license for sure you do not deserve all this. I'm not suggesting that you don't go with other software; it's so nice to know that we have so many good software these days to choose from.
However, let me give you a couple of suggestions:

(1) Have you created an account on adobe website and got your copy of Lr-6 registered ? can you log back in and see your license on adobe website ?

(2) Once lightroom-6 is started it throws click-baits like "Get started with Lightroom mobile" etc. Unless you are super careful, you would be inadvertently clicking to these strategically placed links that will lead you to Lr mobile/ classic/ subscriptions. Please see a part of the screenshot below, and try to stay clear of them

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