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Re: Dear CK, since it was me to tell Ping ...


SECOND: ... but there are instances where convenience can prevail
over performance. Would you prefer the CP or a DSRL for shooting
handheld a bee "landing" on a flower? You don't need that huge
magnification, in this case - you just need as much DOF as possible
while keeping high shutter speed. So you have to to the smallest
possible aperture with the SRL lens (then possibly suffering from
diffraction), then go to extra high ISO (OK, not a problem with a
HIGH END dsrl). I still think you will get a better pic from the
DSRL ... but what about the ease of framing you get from the '4500
swivel body?

IMO, using a SLR/DSLR macro/micro lens is much faster and accurate. A Sigma 50mm F2.8 micro can do 1:1 for less than $250.00 and a 105mm F2.8 for $359. DOF-wise, F16 and even F22 is not a big problem in sunny days in order to yield good DOF and blur the background. (Hmmm, we perhaps emphasize too much about DOF and forget blurring the background.) And, don't mention the AF speed. In fact, I just did such a test for a column on digital cameras that I wrote for PC Magazine-Chinese Edition, the AFD 60mm is the best choice of the crop of lenses and cameras I have (i.e., 60mm, Tamron 90mm, Nikon 200mm, 4500 and 5700). The shooting condition was not perfect because it was in late afternoon. The 60mm got more good shots than any other lenses, while the 4500 hunt a lot and failed to focus either due to slow AF or fast moving bees. In this respect, the 5700 seems a little better. The $250 Sigma may not be as sharp as the Nikon AFD 60mm F2.9; however, it is rated very highly against the Nikon 60mm.

THIRD: I had a look to prices: NIKON 70-180 is $ 999, 95 - CANON
MP-E65mm f2.8 is $1,430 - add $ 2,500 for a mid-level DSRL body -
Oh, let's add a Canon EOS Zoom Lens EF 16-35 f2.8L USM at $ 2,420
for nice landscapes.

The two lenses that I mentioned are for the best possible results. Most average people prefer a 50mm, 60mm or 105mm. I am note sure a beginner would need a $2,500 DSLR body and a $2,420 16-35 F2.8L.

LAST: My suggestion was directed to Ping - Would you encourage a 17
years old friend to spend $ 7,500 for his hobby?

My suggestion was about shooting slides first to learn the basics. Then, with a collection of a number of reasonable lenses, move up the ladder to a DSLR. It is not difficult to acquire a reasonable and yet very capable SLR system in


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