Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra looks great and have 50 megapixel sensor

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Re: Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra looks great and have 50 megapixel sensor

Drzewoid wrote:

Dxomark published full review of MI 11 Ultra https://www.dxomark.com/xiaomi-mi-11-ultra-camera-review-large-sensor-power/

For me this camera looks promising . My brother want to buy this, so i will compare and decide is it worth to change from P40 PRO. Still i'm waiting for P50 PRO also - if it will be available global and Harmony OS allows install android apps like Google Maps - it can be still good choice

I don't know - I'm still left shaking my head on the camera focal length selections. Just as dumb as the P40 Pro (which I own too).

I would like to see manufacturers focus on better image quality at the wide and tele end by not pushing them too far on the focal lengths. And choose focal lengths that allow us to use the cameras as a set of standard primes, without the optical compromises that come with catering for all the intermediate focal lengths.

I'd like to see:

  • 16-18mm ultra-wide
  • 28mm standard
  • 85mm tele (for portraits)

This I think would be a much more practical setup for a photographer, rather than the 12mm ultra-wides and 120mm+ tele lenses that are currently being pushed. Unfortunately though photographers aren't the target market for smartphone manufactures.

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