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Re: Sony to GFX?

Paul JN wrote:

I sold my A7Riv and some unused glass towards my GFX100s and first few lenses (45, 80, 32-64). That was the easy part. Definitely no regrets. I also have some Fuji X for lightweight.

Now I am tempted to sell my A9 and remaining Sony lenses (24-70, 70-200 and 50) to get the 45-100mm and possibly other(s). This I might regret.

Anyone made this leap and regretted it?

You have a really lovely stream on Flickr.

You already have a lot of top-flight kit. TBH, I would do nothing for the time being except make images and wait for the answer to come to you, which it will in time. You have enough GF lenses for that, I would guess. Then your decision will feel right whereas following ‘advice’ prematurely rarely works out. If you major only on the GFX then you will lose a lot of flexibility, so the question is how much use you will make of lighter kit with fast AF and whether Fuji X can do that to an acceptable standard compared to your A9.

I have not yet made a leap to MF but if or more likely when I do I will be hanging on to a lot of my smaller-format kit. The smaller-format stuff makes it much easier to have a camera with me on many occasions. I am not a specialist but a generalist and imho MF is not really for generalists. It is a perfect fit for what some of us do some of the time but only a few of us have a real need for MF exclusively all of the time. The rest is bragging rights really.

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