I would have considered the FP L if it was like this...

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I would have considered the FP L if it was like this...

I really like the idea of a high resolution camera. I like the 61 MP sensor, but that is about it.

I am not happy with the design choices Sigma has made for the new FP L. They seem to put size first at the expense of a lot of really important features. Here is what I would have liked to have seen in order for me to buy one.

1) This really small body design and then add viewfinder is to me ridiculous. What were they thinking? By the time you add viewfinder, the camera is already the size of an average FF mirrorless, plus it's $600 more expensive. Some people will love to use the rear screen only, good luck in bright sun, not to mention the instability of holding a camera at arms length. It's like shooting with a phone.  Wait, lets not make it tilt as well while we are at it, that would add too much to the size.

Oh, let's not forget the SWITCH to change from eyepiece to rear display, 1980s welcome back.

I would have considered this camera had the body designed like the SD Quattro (which I own)

2) Electronic shutter only, in a movie camera, Again, what are they thinking? In the interest of small size they left out an all important feature, a mechanical shutter. I do not shoot videos, and know little to nothing about shooting them, but in the reviews I have read, this is a deal breaker.

I would have considered this camera if it had a mechanical shutter as well.

3) No IBIS. How do you make a camera today with no IBIS. One that is to be used for stills and movies as well.  Again, smaller is not better.

I would have considered this camera if it had IBIS.

4) Real compatibility with SA mount lenses.  I have a few SA lenses, I would have liked it if the new body would allow me to make use of them.

5) Minimal control dials and buttons.  I didn't really didn't study what this camera has in terms of controls but compared to a traditional setup with customizable buttons, this, for the sake of size have very few.

In all, I would have considered this if it had the above.  I really don't understand how a design team could have come up with this thing.  Did they even ask  photographers what they thought?

As it stands now Sigma is sailing off into the sunset on a new path.  Good luck, but I won't be taking the trip.

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