Do you gel your strobes/flashes even indoors?

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Re: Do you gel your strobes/flashes even indoors?

rumple wrote:

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

What I really meant was geling to sort of match the skin color,

No, never. "warm sells" so I will generally run slightly warm in post compared to the accurate white balance, but I've never seen a need or any advantage to warming / cooling for specific skin tones.

Exactly - it's a good approach to start with an accurate natural looking baseline skin tone, then use post to taste.  If you start out with something way off to begin with, the old adage - garbage in, garbage out - applies IMO.

This wasn't even mentioned but also important - Hopefully one will be using a set white balance - not Auto.  I pretty much leave mine on "daylight" full time - and batch adjust in post as needed using my color/WB reference.

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