Lightroom CC versus 6.14 - time to move forward?

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Paul Holman Forum Member • Posts: 58
Re: Lightroom CC versus 6.14 - time to move forward?

charlyw64 wrote:

Whoever thinks that continuing to use obsolete software is a good idea IMHO has his priorities colossally wrong adjusted!

Firstly, someone with different priorities to yours isn't 'wrong'.
Secondly, LR 6.14 isn't 'obsolete', it works just as well today as it did when first released, actually it can run even better on newer faster hardware.

There's been no major improvements in raw conversion in the newer versions, only a few local adjustment features added. Many of us can live without those.
If they add something really significant in future, I'll assess it again, but I really can't imagine anything being so good I'd commit to a life long subscription package for.

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