Vuescan not recognizing Plustek 8100

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Re: Vuescan not recognizing Plustek 8100

jorgemtrevino wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

jorgemtrevino wrote:

Any ideas? I don't know anywhere else to ask.

How about Ed Hamrick himself? Every time I've contacted him with questions through the website I've received quick responses.

Thanks sybersitizen, found the culprit trying to install SilverFast (migrating the installer from the quirky CD to a thumb drive). I noticed that my front ports weren't reading the memory stick and promptly applied a removal of all the USB ports.
They were there OK on reboot. The 8100 still doesn't show on the front ports which I use for non permanent hardware but a removal of other peripheral from one of the rear ports solved all woes. I was pretty sure it was software related but, alas, never dawned on me It would be the dang system!
VueScan got me the images fast as lightning. I was reluctant to pester Hamrick but would have ringed tomorrow soon as Europe dawns! 😄
This is BTW a superb resource, thanks for chiming in.
Greetings from pandemic Mexico!

My Plustek works OK with Silverfast but VueScan doesn’t recognise it.  VueScan recognises all my other scanners though.  It even recognises the Reflecta 10T that’s now  plugged into the port I was using for the Plustek

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