Weird occurrance with em1 mk2 + 300mm f4

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Re: Weird occurrance with em1 mk2 + 300mm f4

Marko_Finland wrote:

I was shooting birds this morning with the combo and all of sudden the camera refused to focus. Nope, was not the MF clutch as I have it disabled.

I then switched the camera off and on, but the issue was still there. I repeated the off-on again and then the camera decided to start shooting on its own. It did a burst of about 200 shots before calming down. I never pressed the shutter button.

I then switched the camera off, removed battery and restarted. This brought it back to normal operation.

I'm not too concerned and assume that it was a software glitch. Perhaps some sloppy coding somewhere there. Missed some nice close ups of a pair of goldeneyes as they spotted me when I was cursing at the camera, but got my SD card filled with out of focus shots of shrubs and trees.

Any similar experiences with em1's or other Olys?


This has happened a few times to me  sometimes it is after using some of the more complex Art filters etc. but sometimes it is when very fast complex focusing is being done.

I put it down to getting its knikers in a knot when CPU is demanding complex resource requests,  sometimes the camera gets excessively hot as well.

It may happen two or three times a year and I always go directly to battery removal. As these things tend to happen at the worst time.

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