How to add "Metadata++" to the "Open with" list of apps in W10 Explorer context menu?

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Re: How to add "Metadata++" to the "Open with" list of apps in W10 Explorer context menu?

PhotonTrapper wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

PhotonTrapper wrote:

Thanks Charles, but it's a "workaround" that just adds yet another item to the Right Click Context menu. Now you have 3 "open with" animals in your (small) zoo: "Open with", "Open with Textpad", "Open with ++". My context menu is already way too large for me to crowd it even more with redundant items. So I would still prefer to to use the generic "Open with" entry.

I will point out that the "Send To" menu addition I described above is already on your right-click context menu, so it doesn't add anything additional to it. And it takes exactly the same number of clicks to use it as it does the "Open With" menu item.

I did not say that your "Send to" menu addition added anything to the right click context. It simply does not answer my specific question of how to add to the "Open with" list.

You remind me of my IT work colleague of many years ago. When something didn't work the way he wanted it to he'd attack the problem head on and spend hours trying to get it to do what he wanted just on principle. Me, if something didn't work I'd spent a bit of time on it and if I didn't have any luck I'd find another way to do it. He used to call me "the workaround king".

Of course you're free to spend as much time as you like, I'm just trying to point out that there's no functional difference between clicking "Send To" and then the name of the program compared to clicking "Open With" and then clicking the name of the program. They both do the same thing and take the same number of clicks - but the former will solve the problem without the need for any additional investment in time.

If you're successful then please do post the solution here, that way the time you spend on it can at least be recouped by other people who want to do the same thing.

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