Guess I'm a beginner after settling on X-S10 :)

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Re: Guess I'm a beginner after settling on X-S10 :)

DustyBin wrote:

Joined the Fujifilm adventure last year with an X-E3. Really liked that, but gave it to my teenage son in a moment of fatherly generosity.

So, bought another for myself. And, then an X-Pro2. Thought that would be my 'keeper', so sold the second X-E3. But... I had a long hard think about what I really wanted a Fuji set up for. Small and lightweight for travel and street. The X-Pro2 is beautifully made, but just a little too large for me. And, I didn't need the OVF. Or, the second card slot. So, that was sold too.

Considered getting an X-E4, but then started looking at the X-S10 as... 1) I'm getting older and I value IBIS; 2) I don't need all of the dials (lovely though they are to look at) as I always shoot Auto ISO and only need to adjust A & SS, occasionally EC. On the X-Pro2 I always had SS on 'T' anyway!

So, jumped on a bargain on eBay and received my new camera yesterday. Immediately, I know I've made the right choice (for me). Ergonomically, the camera just fits my hand and is actually smaller than I realised. AF is snappy. Controls are where I want them to be. And, I'll be able to use it in a similar manner to my Sony FF system, so I'm unlikely to get confused when switching. IQ goes without saying.

My only complaint? The way many reviewers snobbily label the camera "for beginners" because it doesn't have all the dials, only has one card slot and isn't quite as robust or retro-looking as other models. I admit to being an amateur, but I like to think I'm a little past the beginner stage.

The knowledge of person pressing the shutter button is WAY more important than the camera used. 

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