Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

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Re: Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

SQLGuy wrote:

Mescalamba wrote:

Mirror shock probably. A900 had huge pentaprism and equally huge mirror. It slapped quite a bit. With delay I cant say I noticed any shutter shock. Just needs mirror lock up.

Not only camera with this issue, nearly everything with big mirror needs it, down to physics and even with serious damping not really avoidable. Mirrorless does have advantage there.

It's actually a very different mirror in the A900 than most anything else. It folds up more than flips up. As I understand a different mechanism was needed to accommodate the 100% viewfinder.

So, at what shutter speeds and focal lengths were you having issues? For mirror shock, I'm surprised that IBIS didn't help...

Im not the guy which wrote about it, but it gave some issues with long focal lengths and slower speeds (200mm, 1/30th). Usually its recommended to disable IBIS when you are using tripod. My old K7D doesnt like stabilization and tripod much so I always assumed its not much different. TBH dont think I ever tried that, maybe I should have.

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