Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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Re: My f1.4 copy was bad -> sample images request

Rightsaidfred wrote:

DomiDarko wrote:

I bought the 35mm f1.4 ... I think I had a bad copy. It was soft and hazy until f4, I'm talking really bad.

Is it possible to share images?

At least for me, such a statement about a lens is more comprehensible if comparative images are provided. Ideally, side by side, taken under the same conditions.



I could share a couple but is there a need to view images of a bad copy? I'm certain my one had been knocked around in transit. I was even getting large, thick lines of flaring on some images whereas the f2 had none.

To be clear, I wasn't making a statement that the the f1.4 is a bad lens, its not. As everyone knows, it's a great lens. I know many people who own it and had even made some images with a friends before I bought my one.

It can, in the right conditions produce images with a look and feel that the f2 cannot, especially with natural soft light from the side or backlit due to the way it handles contrast and colours and that depth effect.

I would have ordered another one if I hadn't ordered the f2 and liked it. It just felt right to me personally.

Part of the reason I kept the f2 was that I wanted both classic focal lengths of 35 & 50mm with the same type of lens to keep my images consistent and I already wanted the 23mm f2. If I need more separation I will get the 90mm f2.

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