Panasonic S 50mm 1.4 Vs Leica 50 Vs Sigma Art 50

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Re: Panasonic S 50mm 1.4 Vs Leica 50 Vs Sigma Art 50

flbdig wrote:

pranza wrote:

the lens is really good, but it can't hide the mud of a bayer sensor camera

I'm not sure what you mean? The S1R is an amazing sensor.

I grew up in the film era and the S1R is better than medium format film.

i mean that most cameras have r g and b pixels one next to each other, so they have only one third of the resolution, as there is no place where color and luminosity information is known for sure - hence the mud. it might seem not so bad, but compared to sigma foveon sensors it becomes obvious. i was always bothered by that, blamed it on monitors, digital formats, camera lens... once i got the sigma foveon it all fell to place. no more mud!
as for medium format - S1R is a small ass sensor, so can't qualify for comparison... medium format is at least 6x6 cm size and there are no digital sensors of this size available so far... that special mf look is still achievable just with film (digital backs for mf cameras don't count, as they're also cropped sensors).

there are tons and tons of cameras with increasing resolution and dynamic range, but they all still have same basic issues: image interpolation (adjacent r g b pixels and small sensor size). there are sensors which fix pixels problem, but they are still small in size...

and the market is obsessed with miniaturisation, and night view instead of being driven towards fixing actual deficiences...

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