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Batdude wrote:

Mirrorless was just born and it has been maturing more and more.


Come on, man. What is this story you're peddling?

Panasonic and Olympus introduced mirrorless system cameras a dozen years ago. The Sony A7 series is 8 years old!

Mirrorless digital system cameras as a "thing" is several years older than Instagram.

It's not "just born."

DSLRs existed for less time, alone, than they've existed alongside mirrorless alternatives to them.

mirrorless are becoming bad A*S and the majority will switch to ML. It is inevitable. It is the future. Yeah sure there will be a few buying DSLR because their eyes “hurt” but other than that camera stores will continue selling ML like hot cakes.

This incessant propaganda gets agonizing. And for what? What are you selling?

ML was "badass" for lots of people years and years and years ago. Lots of photographers loved them from the start, for legit reasons. We're all happy for them. We've been happy for them for more than a decade!

And as for camera stores "continuing" to sell ML like "hot cakes," what world are you living in? "Camera Stores" as a thing barely exist anymore, and no system camera of any kind from anyone sells like "hot cakes."

Mirrorless is "the future?" Dude, mirrorless is the present. It's been the present for years and years and years.

The camera industry is what it is. Niche. If mirrorless system cameras were going to re-ignite broad interest or growth, they would've done so already. They've had a decade of opportunity. And if everyone shooting a DSLR were going to just kick it to the curb and be done with it, they would have done so already. People still shoot film, for God's sake; it's going to take a while for the installed base of a gajillion DSLRs to fall out of all hands, if they ever do. If Canon discontinued every single EF lens tomorrow, there would still be massive resale market for them--they wouldn't be hard to get. There is still a legit resale market for Canon FD lenses, and those have been discontinued for 35 years!

I give Ricoh-Pentax a world of credit for understanding who they are, who their customers are, and where this whole thing is going. They'll sell every K-3iii they can make. Sorta like how Nikon continues to sell every D850 they can make. And yeah, they don't make very many. But then again, neither does anyone else.

"The future" is holograms or computational augmented surveillance reality or some crazy effed-up god-knows-what thing that hasn't even been invented yet. We'll all be wearing antennae, downloading rice, and taking deliveries (or orders?) from robots knocking about; nobody's going to be talking about mirrorless system cameras except for--best case scenario--the same handful of photography nerds talking about them now.

Can't you just live in your present, enjoy it for what it is, and let other people live in theirs?

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