Guess I'm a beginner after settling on X-S10 :)

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Re: Guess I'm a beginner after settling on X-S10 :)

DustyBin wrote:

My only complaint? The way many reviewers snobbily label the camera "for beginners" because it doesn't have all the dials, only has one card slot and isn't quite as robust or retro-looking as other models. I admit to being an amateur, but I like to think I'm a little past the beginner stage.

Agree with you, it's very silly. I'm switching from an X-H1 to the X-S10 because it's smaller and has ibis. It has nearly all the electronic stuff the X-H1 has. Yes, it's not WR, but how often are people shooting in a downpour without something to cover their camera? It can handle a bit of rain. Every camera I've ever owned, back to Nikon DSLRs 15 years ago could handle a bit of rain. I am afraid all this silly "press" is going to push people away from the camera and make it a failure.

If you don't like PASM, and you actually use the dials, that's great for you. I like the dials and how they look, but ultimately I find myself shooting in one of a few auto-iso settings, and in manual, so I'm setting aperture on the lens and shutter speed with a dial. What do I actually need all the pretty dials for? I love the size of the X-S10 and that was the deciding factor when the X-E4 didn't get IBIS.

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