Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

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Re: Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

SQLGuy wrote:

borissimo86 wrote:

Mescalamba wrote:

Sony now and then produces some good stuff too, but best was probably A900, except it had absolutely horrible way of handling RAW, which made it shine only sometimes.

The Sony A900 also has horrible shutter shock. I would've bought it had I not learned that it's very hard to get sharp images with lower shutter rates.

I did not realize that. I searched a bit, but couldn't find reviewers saying it either, except in the context of people experiencing some shutter shock when using an A7R and comparing to their A900.

What shutter speeds and focal lengths should I try to see this? And is it really shutter shock, or mirror shock?

My apologies! I was thinking of mirror slap, not shutter shock! The A900 seems to have a a particularly strong one. I've read complaints about it on forum posts.

You can also see it in a comparison here. Between three Sony DSLRs on a tripod, the A900 was the only that didn't have a sharp image:

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