Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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Re: My f1.4 copy was bad

I bought the 35mm f1.4 as I had read so much about its rendering but then ordered the 35mm f2 as I wanted to compare.
I liked the look coming out of the f1.4 more but honestly I think I had a bad copy. It was soft and hazy until f4, I'm talking really bad.

I was planning on going full old school and picking up the 18mm f2 and 60mm but it kind of put me off and I've moved to the f2's and I love them.

When I compared them, I saw almost no visible difference apart from the f1.4 has a slightly curved element that creates more depth and more some reason, the camera chooses a cooler WB with this lens attached. Anyone else noticed this or just me?
With the f2 attached, the WB was warmer and punchier, the DOF was slightly flatter and it had more contrast. Once I corrected it, the colours and look were the same, to me anyway.

Ultimately, I kept the f2 as it was so much faster, quieter and sharper and felt like it belonged on the XT3 whereas the f1.4 felt slightly off to me. I won't be doing much portrait or night shots with this lens so it made sense.

Kind of bummed about the copy I had but life is too short and these f2's are great IMO. Time to make some photos.

Just my experience.

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