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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

thisisbenji wrote:

Fwiw, I own a Z6ii and a X100V.

The Nikon feels generations ahead in terms of this like autofocus, outright image quality, menu system. However, the Fuji has more charm if you will. The Fuji package is significantly smaller due to the size of the lenses and it’s straight out of camera jpegs are nicer.

For me, the Fuji is a better toy, it’s more fun to use and I prefer the colors that I get out of the system. However, if I’m taking a photo of something where I can’t afford to make a mistake I’ll grab my Nikon every single time.

Man, some people have turned FF into religion. IQ is subjective and is not wholly dependent on sensor size. I find my fujis way more organic in their output than any of my FF Nikons.

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