Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

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Re: Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

Mescalamba wrote:

Sony now and then produces some good stuff too, but best was probably A900, except it had absolutely horrible way of handling RAW, which made it shine only sometimes.

The Sony A900 also has horrible shutter shock. I would've bought it had I not learned that it's very hard to get sharp images with lower shutter rates.

Manufacturers in general dont invest/interest much in good quality CFA, they mostly just happy if result looks like what their company produces and thats it..
To be honest, most ppl cant tell the difference either, or they dont really care. So cant blame manufacturers only.

I like to download raw samples from the and look at the crayon box. Somewhere around the year 2009 or 2010 was when color started taking a very noticeable hit. Older cameras may have even better color but the raw samples on Imaging Resource don't go that far back. Particularly if you look at the pink/magenta crayons, they keep getting paler and look closer to same with each new camera generation. The new cameras don't recognize those color nuances; they don't see them! A side effect is that images from new cameras have less presence. The mood of the light is often lost. I've seen comparisons on the web between images from Nikon's old (D40) more recent (D750 and D810) cameras that clearly show it.

Even here you can notice ppl not seeing difference, cause everyone has some degree of color vision (or color blindness) and for male part of the world, having so to speak 20/20 for colors is kinda rare. And it does require color profiles and decent monitor to view it on.

People don't know unless they know what to look for. They need a reference. Once they see the colors that are missing, it becomes obvious.

To answer your question. I think Kodak signature is colors that in same time look real (they not) and most ppl find them beautiful. Or at least I do. It can be mythical balance between beautiful and life-like colors. Myself I even remember some pics that were done with SLR/n or 645 cause those colors were that good.

I like the SLR/n's colors but my camera has a problem with smearing of details. It doesn't render pinpoint detail; instead, it smudges it vertically. I compared it to a Nikon D700, using the same lens, and that is when I noticed it. It isn't obvious in every image, but there is always some loss of detail. Could be only my camera though!

Ofc sadly, those cameras are ancient and horribly outdated, prone to fail a bit due age too. And not that easy to work with. Unfortunately no sight of same color quality even decades after they were made.

My observation too, maybe until Sigma makes that full-frame Foveon camera and solves their sensor issues.

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