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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

If you need dual card slots, have Nikon lenses, just get a Z6 MkII and call it a day.

As much as I like my Z6, owning the 50mm, 35mm, 24mm and thinking of making it my primary kit, I was planning on selling my whole fuji kit and picking up a X100V for my everyday carry camera.

But what ended up happening is, I sold all my Nikon lenses, except the 50mm -which is amazing and picking up a X-T4.

Now the plan is to get the 16-55 and newer primes for my fuji kit.

My point is, I simply prefer my Fujifilm cameras, even though the Z6 delivers better images, I honestly enjoy the control of fuji cameras with the manual dials and aperture rings compared to the Z6. I like the lenses, the size of them, how they pair with my Fujifilm bodies. The Z6 with the 50mm f/1.8 is large and heavy to me. As much as I like it and the images, I usually grab my X-Pro2 or the X-T4 first. And now that I own the 27mm f/2.8 MkII, I will be running with that for now.

So if you have reasons to stay with the Z6, dual card slots, IQ, controls, just get a Z6 MkII. I was thinking about it too, but I don't need dual card slots and a slightly better focusing is not enough to warrant a purchase.

I enjoy my Fujifilm kit, that's where my cash will go to.

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