Pentax shipped 50.000 dslr in 2019 worldwide.

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Re: Pentax shipped 50.000 dslr in 2019 worldwide.

xmeda wrote:

Richard Murdey wrote:

The K-3iii looks to be a success. I mean it's the camera everyone wanted, it's not going to turn pentax users away, even if they don't upgrade right away. That's important. Pentax doesn't need sales volume, but they do need users. That is, they can maintain an existence making a small number of expensive cameras for a small number of loyal users upgrading only infrequently. The Leica model, as I've noted previously. If those users move away, however, it's over.

With price €2000 on this camera during covid crisis how many Pentaxians will buy this body?
(A hint: Nikon Z6II cost the same here, EOS-90D much less and D500 or Fuji XT-4 still significantly less)

The expectation is surely that Pentax owners will upgrade over the next year or two because they have nowhere else to go. A couple of new modern lenses are slated to arrive for this camera and the improved AF will be a hit with Pentax wildlifers. The camera’s lifespan is likely to be four years or more which could easily mean it is the last seriously well-specced APS-C DSLR Pentax will produce. Even more reason to upgrade. If users migrate it’s game over as RM said and Ricoh must be very aware of that when looking at prices and marketing. For invested Pentax users this is a very tasty item and €2000 for something at the high end of its class that will last easily for 4-5 years is by no means too big an ask. What we don’t know is the point at which slow decline in overall user numbers produces an unworkable costs base but to be fair this is an issue for all the traditional camera-makers.

Ricoh have always taken a long view, to their credit, and I doubt they expect stellar sales in the middle of a pandemic. However, with good marketing and offers down the line I’d imagine they are expecting steady sales over the next 2-3 years that will eventually mount up to ‘job done’.

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