So, I am ready to purchase the S-10 or X-T4, lens question

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Re: So, I am ready to purchase the S-10 or X-T4, lens question

lewiedude2 wrote:

winstonjdickson wrote:

I made a post last week trying to decide between these two cameras now I have a lens question

My primary use will be pictures of the kids, pets, kids doing various activities (playground, sports). Some landscape, street, and in the future some wildlife (BIF) at that time I'd probably pick up the 100mm - 400mm lens (again, in the future).

I've heard great things about the 23mm, 53mm, and 56mm prime lenses. My step-dad who has been into photography for years only uses zoom lenses which was surprising to me.

I guess my question is what would a good starter prime and zoom?

Those who only use primes for family pictures what do you do when you're at a playground for instance and don't necessarily have the time to get close to the person you're taking a picture of?

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance

16-55. Can’t go wrong. I’ve got it and it’s love it. Please search for threads on it. There’s more that you can read than you can get in response to additional questions. And, it’s been a very hot topic in the past several weeks. Good luck.

I have the XT-4 and the 16-55. This combo is getting to be my favorite because of its image quality and convenience. I also have the 16 and 23 1.4 primes and the 16-55 zoom matches them in image quality.

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