Lightroom CC versus 6.14 - time to move forward?

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Re: Lightroom CC versus 6.14 - time to move forward?

I found the new tools very worthwhile - e.g. I use (appropriate amounts of) Dehaze a lot and the inclusion of Photoshop opens up a whole new world of fiddling about with images.

You can use dehaze overall on 6.1x via free presets. It would be useful to have it as a local level adjustment too, but not worth paying £120yr for ever for and a bit too much trouble to hack the xmp. 
Most other 'improvements' don't seem worth the money to me. It was, and remains, a good mature product and most of the features I'd like to have seen added still haven't arrived, so £350 saved so far.

I'd assume that most LR users will have a decent pixel editor already, maybe an older PS, the very affordable Affinity Photo or even the GIMP.

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