Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?

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Re: Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?


ELSELS wrote:

Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?

I have had alternative/additional cameras since many years. Yet I still consider Sigma my favorite. If I have time and patience to go outside and do nothing but take pictures I will always take the SD1. As long as it works. Also when I will ever go on a holiday again, the SD1 will certainly come along.

But when I go to work or anywhere I cant't easily carry an SLR camera with accessories, I will take along my Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera. The current one is the Lumix DMC-G80. Usually I have a fast wide-angle "pancake" lens attached to it. It is so small and lightweight that I really always take it with me. One battery charge lasts longer than the SD card, you never have to worry about that (I hope that one day Sigma will learn how to make a camera with decent battery life...). I will rather leave the mobile phone at home than this camera.

And for my modest attempts at really low light astronomy photography I have a full-frame Canon DSLR, an EOS 6D, the one that supposedly has the least sensor noise. When it is not attached to a telescope I use it with a Sigma Art lens of course That is an excellent camera in it's own right with features we Sigma photographers can only dream of like GPS, WiFi, live view and full remote contol on a mobile phone, focus bracketing, ... you name it.

Should Sigma ever cease making cameras that appeal to me I will probably go towards a mirrorless full-frame Canon. Sony makes good cameras also, but for some reason I can not even specify I am not interested.



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