Dreaded "lens error" on my G7X mark II

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Re: Dreaded "lens error" on my G7X mark II

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Wouldn't you know it? I'm getting set to sell my G7X II and I get the "lens error" on my camera. Turned it on and the barrel won't retract. So now, I'm having to spend upward of $150-200 to get it fixed.

I had in mind to replace it with the G5X mark II but this has soured me against the G-line. Such a small camera with small internal parts, I can't have a camera that's so damn delicate.

Now I'm looking towards the M6 mark II.

Why not jump the Canon ship entirely, and switch to a Sony RX100 VI or VII.? Or even a Panasonic LX 100II?

Sill small and light. Compact, and no need to be burdened carrying additional lenses. If that is what you are looking for.

Good luck.

They do not have lens errors then? I suppose this is with Sony's legendary rugged build quality?

Plus you can also guarantee the internal dust problems that plagued the LX100 have definitely gone then with the Mk II?

The RX cameras are delicate and sensitive to cold and moisture, however they have solid lens assemblies. The electronics will die before the lens mechanism. Unless you drop them.

Canon's lens error in their pocket cameras is something too common to be ignored.

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