Canon EF to R adapter, genuine or third party?

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Re: Canon EF to R adapter, genuine or third party?

CatchingTime wrote:

Terry Danks wrote:

This is a simple device. No electronics involved, just pass through electrical contacts. I'd not hesitate to try a 3rd party adapter, given the non-availability of the Canon these days and/or a significant price advantage.

I am using a 3rd party extension tube to mount an RF800 to my EOS R. Pretty much the same type of mechanical device. Canon don't even make RF tubes yet. Works fine.

The wiring is certainly simple, doubling the interface (e.g. 'connection') between camera and lens and maintaining a solid platform is potentially subject to marginal manufacturing tolerances, etc. I have no experience with any adapter except for Canon's, but when I first mounted it, I remember thinking how tight it was, which alleviated my fears of using the adapter nearly full time (using heavy Sigma Art lenses for their night performance). My 5Ds mount now feels rickety in comparison, even with half the number of 'connections'.

Maybe I'll pick up a 3rd party adapter and try it, if for no other reason than to have a backup...

PS: Not that I trust Amazon reviews further than I can throw them, but this kind of thing gives me pause:

"Rough machined finish with metallic dust on the inside of the adapter. There’s no way I’ll risk mounting this on my camera due to concern the debris could contaminate the sensor. No amount of compressed air will make me feel ok about using it. It might be a good product but I’m not finding out. Too bad they cut corners."

(re: JJC 'foot' adapter)

Here are videos of the JJC and MEIKE on YouTube

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