LCD screen visibility problem in underexposed shots

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Re: LCD screen visibility problem in underexposed shots

James Bligh wrote:

The problem is whenever I do that LCD screen becomes dark, nothing is visible in the screen and I think if I had an OVF in my camera. This is not a sentimental I miss OVF propaganda; this is a practical issue I encounter every day.

I had a similar situation not too long ago -- shooting very long nighttime exposures with my A6000. Lighting must have been in the EV2 to EV-2 range. (The spec sheet says the camera can only meter down to EV0 and that seems to jibe with my experiences.)

Anyway -- the EVF. So I just took the shot, then reviewed the JPG in the EVF to see what I got. I never did get a photo I was happy with, probably because I was unwilling to compromise on smaller aperture (the Sony's max times shutter speed is 30 sec).

In retrospect, I should have hand-metered the scene and used bulb mode. Probably would have required a remote shutter release, which I do not own.

But I digress. Short answer: Take the shot then see what you got, and adjust your exposure accordingly. And maybe bring along a hand-held meter.


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