Any Fuji user who switched or added a Z?

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Re: Any Fuji user who switched or added a Z?

Rolf_52 wrote:

I also considered the weight and the grip before switching from Fuji to Nikon Z7.

My X-T2 and Fuji X 16-55 f2.8 weighed 1162 g.

The Z6 with Nikon Z 24-70 f4.0 weighed 1085 g.

The grip and ergonomics on Z6 were much better for my hands.


Yes because of that I am considering X-S10 + 3 Primes and they all weights around 1.1 kilos and in single point in time I will have in my hands only around of 600 gr camera+ lens + two lenses in the backpack. I am ditching all zooms because they are too heavy.

The weight difference between Z6 and the X-S10 is just over 100 g but I can understand that this can be an issue if you have the kind of neck problems you describe.

For most users it should not be an issue and in fact the grip and superior ergonomics of the Z cameras make them feel easier to handle.

With the pancakes to be released the Z will offer a very nice package for people who need to count every gram.

Well difference between those two is more than 200gr Z6 675gr -> X-S10 465gr.

Now put the lens on them X-S10 + 35 f1.4 is 652 gr -> Z6 + Z 50 1.8S is 1090 gr! And due to the fact that Z6 + 50mm is more bulky the effort to hold it will be much bigger, so for me it is a huge difference.

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