Any Fuji user who switched or added a Z?

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Re: Any Fuji user who switched or added a Z?

JeanPierre Koenig wrote:

Size and weight are different issues and you seem to confuse the two. Old film cameras were small, but could be heavy because of all the metal. It would be useful to keep the twp separate for purposes of comparison as the reasons for preferring small size or lightness are quite different.


No I don't confuse both of them. Provided comparison has size and weight difference in Fuji Favor. If you read carefully previous statements you will find that I have shared the fact that I have health issues, with arms/hands pain and weakness. I can carry bigger and heavier gear in the backpack, but not in my hands (especially for hours). So for me having light fuji with one attached prime lens and 2 more in the backpack is much more lighter and compact setup, which I can handle. Before you mention the handling I have investigated this and that is why I have chosen Fuji X-S10, because this is the first Fuji camera with excellent grip.

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