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My 2 penny's worth.

I've been using Time Machine (TM) pretty much since it debuted in OSX 10.5 Leopard. I've never had an issue with it, never lost anything and it lives up to the Apple mantra 'It just works" by just transparently sitting in the background doing its thing without any user intervention.

It backs up incrementally, i.e. just changed files which is something I believe you are after.

It can backup external drives too, which is incredibly useful. I have my iTunes library on an SD card permanently inserted in my MBP, as well as an external drive with 'stuff' on. Both of these get backed up to the TM drive. So you could host your photo library on an external drive and still have TM transparently back it up to the backup drive.

TM also added a disk rotation feature a couple of years or so ago that lets you use more than one drive as a TM backup. For each disk, TM backs up everything that’s changed since the last time that disk was used. So you could have one at home and another portable one. (Just make sure the portable one is up do date before you leave the house.).

Lastly, TM work well IME when setting up a new mac or replacing an internal drive. Some users swear by Carbon Copy Cloner and duplicating everything. But if you let TM do it's thing when installing MacOS from scratch it will bring over all your files and apps whilst keeping the system clean. Duplicating a drive always runs the risk of restoring old systems files and unneeded crud.

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