Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

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Re: Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

techie takes pics wrote:

I also have the M10.II (not selling it!), had the M1.2 and now use the M5.3.

I recognize the lack of C-AF, but I do shoot moving targets. You do not so do you really need it? Anyway, the C-AF works. It really works. Especially in combination with Pro Capture, you get good bursts which center exactly around the point of interest.

I too used my EM10 Mk2 for a year with an Oly 25f1.8. The AF struggled with low contrast areas in less than ideal lighting. The shutter speeds went way up if I needed to shoot at decent ISOs. The evening shots were usually blurry. The EM1 Mk2/ Em5mk3 have PDAF I guess.

I would go for the flexibility of the interchangeable lens system. I found the M1.2 a bit too big. The M5.3 really is pocketable with a small lens (like the 17mm f1.8).
That is what I like about changing lenses: You can have a big zoom system or a pocketable streeet&evening camera, all in one.

I am tempted to go that way as well. Especially, for the ergo and quality of the system. The lenses will hold their value as well should I decide to sell them in the future.

The OOC Jpegs are good enough. I can transfer them to my phone and always happify people with a picture. I also like the filters!

Yes. The JPEGS are good for quick shares of family photos and stuff. For the rest, I too try and shoot raw.

Thanks for your reply.

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