LCD screen visibility problem in underexposed shots

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Re: LCD screen visibility problem in underexposed shots

Rambow wrote:

The screen on a digital camera is there to help you frame and expose, it does not represent reality or the quality of the final image.

It was happened to my earliest digital cameras: mostly they were superzoom bridge cameras, to certain degree also was the 1st ever made mirrorless ILC, the Panasonic G1. I had to guess, or in another word to interpret, what the Live View image I saw vs the image to be captured.

Over the years newer models improved on their Live View image and since 5/6 years ago the Live View of my MILCs are basically very close to what the image to be captured. FYI I don't need my output = reality. I need my output just what I want it to be.

Therefore I can rely on the Live View image in evf/LCD to set my exposure to very precise level. Of course I could do the same back to the more primitive versions of Live View, just need harder works only.

IMHO Live View is far beyond framing and focusing, but to set the exposure, to know the WB, the saturation condition, the DoF and with the help of other real time tools like histogram, also the contrast...

You have to know what you are doing, and of course do a lot of educated guess work.

The latest Live View of my gear can be used more on out of the box basis.

The screen is a reference, same as the battery meter. The guy taking the shot is responsible for taking the shot and charging the battery, whether the camera has a battery indicator or not.

If so, you might wish to experience some later model to experience a better Live View shooting experience.

BTE, please understand that not Live View of every brand, every model will be the same. And over the years, Live View has improved a lot on both of the software side to the hardware.

For a while I used a camera with no backlight, meaning the screen was almost useless. It had a tiny OVF, that was good. It was frustrating to change settings, but I still took nice pictures with it. Not an issue.

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