LCD screen visibility problem in underexposed shots

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Re: LCD screen visibility problem in underexposed shots

A 15 years evf shooter, have experiences on various generations of evf, types of evf and various generation of Live View from the primitive version in its earliest day to more perfect version of today.

I am also a 100% viewfinder shooter. The Live View image in evf and LCD is basically the same (evf has higher resolution) for the brand I am using.

I never have your problem and of course while using exposure extensively (nearly every shot), I might do +ev more (the brand I am using trends on highlight protection so even the highlight alert covered area means -1/3~2/3ev from ETTR) than -ev, I have a nice and clear view on the Live View image in evf on majority of situation.

Surely if there is really highlight overblown (don't forget live view is based on jpg) due to too much exposure or completely black section due to insufficient exposure, live view image will of course no longer able to display detail of those area, naturally we see nothing there. If shooting RAW, due to its higher headroom, it might still have detail. How much can be recovered/pushed will need our understanding on our particular model.

The followings are few snapshots on the LCD of my came4ra under 0~-5ev EC FYI:

EC=0ev, please concentrate on the detail of the grass as pointed by the RED arrow. Please note this is a wall paper of my monitor which was taken at ETTR itself. The poor highlight detail was due to the IQ of my phone used to take these snapshots.



EC=-3ev, could still be able to identify the detail of the grass to some degree

EC=-4ev, the Live View of my model can no longer update the lighting condition changed, so Preview was used. The shadow detail could still be seen there.

EC=-5ev, too dark, fine detail of the grass basically is hard to see.

BTW, not sure how your model will behave, the brand I use will stop to update the lighting condition of the Live View image > +/-3ev. I need to use another feature to check the lighting condition that beyond the Live View's range.

If I have your problem, I might look for other model to see how it will work. Bear in mind, not every Live View will be the same.

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** Please forgive my typo error.
** Please feel free to download the original image I posted here and edit it as you like **

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