Those of you who upgraded from the 5D Mark IV...

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Re: Those of you who upgraded from the 5D Mark IV...

MikeB_2018 wrote:

I'm not going to read all the other responses as we all have our own opinions. But as a Canon shooter for 12 years (40d/5Dm1/1Dsm3/5Dm3/5Dm4/R/R5) I will say that the R5 is as close to a perfect full-frame camera as I will probably ever need. (Don't flame me if I buy whatever the next greatest camera is, but seriously feel like the R5 checks all my boxes).

When I added the R to my kit I actually really started to enjoy photography a lot more. And the R5 takes all the things I loved about the R and supercharges them:

45mp sensor

Full-coverage AF points

Eye-AF (that really works well)

The Animal Eye AF for when I want to capture wildlife

The higher frame rates

And I even love the flippy-screen (much better than having to kneel, sit or lay down in dirt to get the shot - and with the great AF/Eye AF critical focus is even less a concern).

And honestly, I LOVE all the RF lenses I have so far and find that most of my EF (L Series) work wonderfully even with the adapter. I find their AF is snappier and I don't notice a single drawback - other than needing the adapter.

I'd say get the R5 and an adapter and see if you can get one RF lens that suits your shooting style best. For me with the R it was the 50/1.2 (I had been waiting for a V.2 of the EF 50/1.2 for 12 years because whenever I used the EF version I didn't like some of the CA and focus hunting issues - whereas my EF 85/1.2 wasn't quite as bad).

Then slowly start converting your lenses over. It's a great camera and will spoil you compared to your 5Dm4 (which I still love, but the more I use the R5 the more limited the 5Dm4 seems and less use. Most likely going to sell it in the next couple of months).

You have to buy the adapter separately, right?

Do you have the straight adapter or adapter with the control ring? Looks like the control ring basically doubles the price :S

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