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Re: With a stabilized sensor

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The 16-55mm f/2.8 lens is unquestionably the best general purpose video zoom, as long as you have a stable platform or IBIS which the X-T4 has. The 18-55 and other stabilized zooms were the go-to video options because their OIS were required and the rest of their video performance is good enough.

With the X-T4 you don't have that requirement and the 16-55 beats them at other metrics:
Focus reliability, focus breathing, focus pulls and zoom pulls with less jittering of brightness and focus point (not quite cine zoom level, but good), flare resistance and light gathering.

Aside from the one stop of extra light/shallower depth of field, I don't think the 16-55mm f/2.8 is any better than the 16-80mm f/4 on all of the other metrics. The 16-80mm is very well behaved for video use.

I don't think either of them are actually great. If moving focus from one spot to another that is more than about twenty feet, the lens focus just beyond the subject and then quickly jutters back to the spot it should be. They both do that. There's also the issue of all hyperactive focus where the lens can't seem to just stay focused on one point and constantly dances around. The 16-55's focus dancing is especially annoying. If you're just taking home videos I suppose it isn't that big of a deal but for anything more it becomes a big issue quickly.

I don't have those issues with X-T2 which is supposedly dumber than the later models. For the hyperactive focus issue you can assign AF-C to back button, that way it will stay put when you want it to just stay still. For the issue of overshooting focus it helps to reduce the speed setting, but in general this is something Fuji does more than the best competitors, regardless of what lens is on.

I have some other issues, but they're out of topic and in general I'm just really happy with the camera for many years now. I'm the bottleneck for creative output, not the camera.

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