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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

Here is some data for you

iso vs PDR x-t3, z6ii

carcour wrote:

Can you share where you found that it's only 1 stop?

It looks to me that ISO 12800 on the Z6 II is better than ISO 3200 on the XT-4


holashobby wrote:

The records available indicate that the z6ii is only 1 stop better than the x-t4 through the nominal iso range up to 12800, and the difference is largest at iso 100.

carcour wrote:

Yes Z6 II is 1 to 2 stops better than the XT-4. Took some shots at ISO 1600 and the Fuji is darker, it's a well known issue with how Fuji reports ISOs

Orsonneke wrote:

Having both , I can assure you that the XT4 generates much more noise at same iso than the Z6!

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