R5 - Sales/bundles to watch out for?

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Re: R5 - Sales/bundles to watch out for?

draacor wrote:

Kaitlyn wrote:

I'm looking to likely pick up the EOS R5, though not in an immediate rush. I haven't bought or even looked to buy a new camera in years, but have been watching the r5 from the sidelines.

- I recall at launch the r5 came with an ef/rf adapter (or was that only eos r?) I am not seeing any bundles including this... just gone now?
- Don't think I'm interested in the 24-105 bundle lens, would rather get the 24-70 2.8. So, I suppose I'm really only looking at body only (unless some random retailer adds in extra value or free value?)
- Any expected sales? Obviously an in-demand camera, plus the whole pandemic supplies issue... but yeah.

havent seen a lot of bundles but bhphoto is always a great spot. I just use their payboo card and save on taxes which is substantial with the R5.

Am Canadian... I get screwed no matter what! haha

But I think I am planning to buy from BH anyway...

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