Best video lens for X-T4

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With a stabilized sensor

The 16-55mm f/2.8 lens is unquestionably the best general purpose video zoom, as long as you have a stable platform or IBIS which the X-T4 has. The 18-55 and other stabilized zooms were the go-to video options because their OIS were required and the rest of their video performance is good enough.

With the X-T4 you don't have that requirement and the 16-55 beats them at other metrics:
Focus reliability, focus breathing, focus pulls and zoom pulls with less jittering of brightness and focus point (not quite cine zoom level, but good), flare resistance and light gathering.

All of that said; if you can live without the zoom functionality then primes will give you more for cheaper and smaller. The f/2 primes focus well, but beware the 35/2 breathes quite a lot so isn't as good for video as it might seem. The 50mm/2 and 90mm/2 are good at focusing without disturbing the viewer, the 16mm and 23mm I don't know.

Manual focus lenses with some practice is a good option. For a normal focal length I'd recommend the Kamlan 28mm f/1.4: Modern optics with well damped clickless rings for aperture and focus. 28mm was hard to make well back in the old days, so it's harder to find a good vintage 28mm than a 50mm. For longer focal lengths (50mm+) there are A LOT of good vintage options, just make sure to get a hood with them because they tend to flare more than modern lenses.

Even 4K video is still just 8 megapixels, so lens sharpness isn't a big deal - dozens of other factors are more important, so focus on them.

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