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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

I think it would be a big mistake to move from the Z6 to the XT-4. I was a Nikon SLR user that added an XT-2 and used it for the past 3 years. I wanted to upgrade as Fuji's AF was bad on the XT-2 and had an issue with my hot shoe mount with only 24k pictures. My D7100 has 72k images and running well. I tried the XT-4 but I returned it. The AF is better than the XT-2 obviously but AF-C is still not good enough for me. I got a Z6 II and AF is much better in AF-C, no humming IBIS noise and ergonomics are top notch. Got some out of focus shots with the Nikon but much less than the Fuji. Nikon lens roadmap is very promising. They have the trinity 2.8 lenses + 24/35/50/85 1.8G and 24-70 F4, 50 1.2 + 58 0.95. If you need longer reach or more blurred background use the FTZ adapter with either the 105 1.4 or 200 F2 or any other longer lens.

The Nikon has a much better software for editing, checking focus points, Exif, etc.

Fuji has nothing that shows you the focus points, only DIR_EXIF written by a developer.

The only advantage on the XT-4 I find is the smaller size (with prime lenses), articulating screen + video H265 codec). But a Nikon Z6 II with 24-70 F4 is actually smaller than an XT-4 with 16-55 2.8. I didn't do a direct comparison but the Nikon will be sharper I believe.

Camera size comparisons: https://j.mp/2PFbLwF

alexmophoto wrote:

I am currently a Nikon Z6 owner looking to switch to a body with dual card slots since I shoot mostly portraits and events (weddings etc). Before I upgrade to the Z6ii, I've been looking at the X-T4 for a while just because of the size and weight difference, and I also (like many) love Fuji's colors, and also the fact that Nikon still does not have many Z lenses available.

Has anyone else made the switch from the Nikon Z6 to the X-T3 or X-T4 (or vice versa)? What are some pros and cons? How is the auto focus, eye AF for portraits, etc?

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