GFX Aspect Ratio?

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Re: GFX Aspect Ratio?

Forum GAS wrote:

For those of you with a 4:3-sized sensor, what aspect ratio do you generally use to compose most of your photos? Do you for the most part stick with 4:3 or do you start with 3:2, etc? Is there a professional reason for picking one ratio over another? Do certain genres of photography work better in one ratio over another? I realize it depends on the composition, but I suspect most of us start with some ratio as a default.

I personally have defaulted with the native 4:3 ratio. I don’t feel a need to use the 3:2 ratio at all unless the composition calls for that ratio. I haven’t decided how I like the 4:3 ratio in portrait-orientation. I may trend toward the 4:5 ratio for portrait-orientation. In general, I feel the 3:2 ratio in portrait orientation is too tall and generally try to compose in a 4:5 ratio.

What are your thoughts? I imagine those of you just switching over to a MF camera from a DSLR are going through some thinking on this.

I use a variety as suits the scene. I most often use 4:3 and 5:4, but sometimes like pano formats (16:9, 2:1, 64x25). Also 1:1 occasionally. Overall, medium format ratio really suits me.

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