Canon 400mm f/5.6 vs Tamron 150-600G2 for birds/wildlife

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Re: Canon 400mm f/5.6 vs Tamron 150-600G2 for birds/wildlife

I started with a Canon 55-250. When I had the funds and wanted to get a better lens, I bought the Tamron 150-600 G2. I still had the lens when covid hit. Having put 84 hours a week in at work I figured the extra funds would be best served paying for my hobby, photography. I had no time to use my gear at the time, but bought it knowing I'd use it eventually after things settled down. I was shooting with a Canon 80D at the time (still have it) and wanted a 70-200 as well. It was my time to either stay on board with Tamron or switch. Birding is my primary passion and I shoot baseball during the season as well. So the 70-200 was a great fill in for the 150-600. Since I could afford either or, I decided to choose Canon glass. That 70-200 iii was AWESOME. A month or so later, I bought the 100-400 ii with the 1.4x iii and a few months later traded the 150-600 in and bought the 5D IV body. The rest is history. I get great IQ out of this setup (and even with the 80D) and its very versatile. If you're strictly shooting birds, go with the 400mm. If you're doing a plethora of other things, consider the 100-400 and maybe even consider a teleconverter. I was opposed to them as I had always heard they degrade image quality, but if it's degrading, I don't see it. I'm extremely picky about my photos and I've not been let down yet.

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