Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

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Re: Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

I restarted my photography journey in 2016 and on the advice of a pro photog friend bought the Sony RX100 mk i for a trip to the USA. i very much enjoyed using it and found it to be almost the perfect travel camera. The missus now has it and I use it when I want to travel very light

I wanted to take more wildlife and moved through a few bodies until I got some excellent advice in a camera shop and ended up with the Oly EM 1 ii

I regularly use bracketing to increase range in dark shadow/bright sunlight situations

I do not ever use SOOC JPEGs. I only shoot in raw and cannot see the point of having a capable machine and not using it to it's full potential

If AF is a big issue to you forget the Sony. It's just too fiddly to be able to use for stills in a CAF way (IMO)

Have a look at this album for Sony images and compare to this album for Oly images, although quite a few are taken with the Pana GX9 (same sensor but 200g lighter and with an inferior EVF). Worth having a look at the GX9. Much cheaper than the Oly

IQ wise there is not that much difference but obviously the Oly trumps the Sony with IBIS and lens selection

If you have any specific questions please ask

Joshua1209 wrote:

Dear friends,

I am new here. I am looking for a travel camera. I have been thinking about the Olympus Em1 MK2 and 12-100f4 pro or the RX100 VII.

Both have the same reach. The RX100 VII is pocketable and has a great AF.

The Olympus is rugged and has a bigger sensor.

How much of a difference is there in image quality?

How is the AF of the EM1 MK2 after the latest firmware update? I gave up on an EM10 Mk2 long ago because of the C-AF or the lack thereof. I miss the tactile feeling of the Olympus.

I don't mind the extra 400 or so bucks I need to shell out for the Olympus and 12-100 lens over the RX100 VII if the image quality is significantly better.

How does the auto HDR work on both cameras? I mean to say how are the straight out of camera JPEGS.

Do any of them stack images for DR in-camera? If so, how good a job they do?

I don't mind the heft of the Olympus but I am also enticed by the poatability of the RX100. Unfortunately, I can only afford one of them.

I intend shoot aome architecture, nature, portraits, landscapes.

Both are image stabilised too.

I don't intend to use the setup for videos.

Having to make a choice between the two is making me anxious. πŸ˜…

Appreciate your input.

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anyone is welcome to do anything they want with my images except sell them for profit

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