Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

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Re: Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

Joshua1209 wrote:

Dear friends,

I am new here. I am looking for a travel camera. I have been thinking about the Olympus Em1 MK2 and 12-100f4 pro or the RX100 VII.

Both have the same reach. The RX100 VII is pocketable and has a great AF.

The Olympus is rugged and has a bigger sensor.

How much of a difference is there in image quality?

How is the AF of the EM1 MK2 after the latest firmware update? I gave up on an EM10 Mk2 long ago because of the C-AF or the lack thereof. I miss the tactile feeling of the Olympus.

I don't mind the extra 400 or so bucks I need to shell out for the Olympus and 12-100 lens over the RX100 VII if the image quality is significantly better.

How does the auto HDR work on both cameras? I mean to say how are the straight out of camera JPEGS.

Do any of them stack images for DR in-camera? If so, how good a job they do?

I don't mind the heft of the Olympus but I am also enticed by the portability of the RX100. Unfortunately, I can only afford one of them.

I intend shoot aome architecture, nature, portraits, landscapes.

Both are image stabilised too.

I don't intend to use the setup for videos.

Having to make a choice between the two is making me anxious. 😅

Appreciate your input.

I think the answer partly depends on whether you think you will ever need/desire a lens outside the range of the Sony.

When I got my Olympus EM5 10 years ago I only had a 20mm prime lens and a 45mm prime lens. I told myself that I had no need for telephoto lenses.

Fast-forward 10 years and I have procured a macro lens, a Olympus 40-150 pro for my daughter's sports, and a 300mm pro for wildlife. While these lenses are not "necessary" for taking family photos (my primary use case), they have opened up new areas of photography that I enjoy.

Overall, I think you will be able to get great pictures from either camera. I would recommend focusing your decision on your preferences related to tradeoffs between size and flexibility, and handling (e.g., controls and ergonomics).

Happy decision making!

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