Which autofocus between Z6/Z6II and Z7/Z7II perform the best ???

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Re: Which autofocus between Z6/Z6II and Z7/Z7II perform the best ???

beatboxa wrote:

It's hard to follow what you are trying to say.

Sorry, I agrea. it's not that clear

A sensor's megapixels don't necessarily affect autofocus speed. The cameras do not read all of the megapixels while you are focusing (or while you are using the viewfinder).

If not all the sensor is read, how is the autofocus working when you're in auto?

Example, even though the Z6 has 24MP and the Z7 has 45MP, both might use the same resolution in the viewfinder, and the same resolution to autofocus. The Z7 might look at a smaller AF box than the Z6 for the same number of pixels. This would result in the same speed but different precision.

Instead of trying to figure out theories indirectly, why not ask the question directly.

Are you trying to figure out which is a better camera for shooting faster? Between the Z6 & Z7? The Z6 is.

Of course the point here is to know which AF perfor the best between Z6 and Z7 for moving subjects and what is the reason behind.

Actually owning the Z7 I'm wondering what would be the best option between adding a z6II to my set or replacing with  a Z7II

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