Any Fuji user who switched or added a Z?

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Re: Any Fuji user who switched or added a Z?

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Generally Nikon Z system will give you better image quality, has excellent lenses, but at the cost of portability. If the size and bulkiness of Nikon Z system is not a problem and you already have some Nikon lenses go for it.

However if you don't have Nikon Lenses you should know that Canon R5 and R6 have better autofocus and if you look at DPREVIEW they do win most of the categories. I do love Nikon, but their Z system is really bulk and heavy, so I am looking to add Fuji X-S10 with 14 2.8 35 1.4 and 50 F2 lenses. There is nothing in Nikon's world that can beat this combination in terms of weight and compactness.

No but that's equivalent to 21 f4, 50 f2 and 75 f3 in terms of field of view and aperture in FF. To use primes I prefer a wider aperture than that, else the 24-70 f4 replaces those three with some compromises in the short and long ends.

24-70 F4 weigh half a kilo! Attached to Z6 (675 gr) it makes 1.2 KG! For comparison Fuji X-S10 with all 3 primes weight less and you don't hold them all simultaneously. For me it is huge difference to have 8 hours mountain walk with 600 gr in my hands and two lenses on the bag rather than 1.2 kilos in my hands all the time (not to mention the compromises).

But the Z6 and Z6ii are vastly better built than the X-S10, fully weather-sealed, have great handling and a much better viewfinder. Probably a better bet in the mountains. The 24-70 f4 is an outstanding lens, much better than the Fuji 18-55 for example, and will give you more flexibility than your 3 primes. And you may only have one prime on your X-S10 at a time but you'll still be carrying the other two, and have the hassle of swapping between them.

I have no doubts that Z FF system has better IQ than Fuji. Also I have no problem to carry on few lenses in backpack. My health issues are in my neck and thus my hands are the problem. I cannot hold 1.2 kilos for hours due to pain and weakness in my hands/arms. So heaving a light body + lens 600 grams instead of 1.2 kilos is huge difference for me! Not to mention that Z 24-70 cannot replace 14 2.8 - not wide enough, and 34 1.4 - not bright enough. And yes I use some tricks to make my life easier attaching camera to my chest vest, but here the difference is also huge as Z6 +24-70 is not so compact as it looks.

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