Panasonic S5 - Hi-Res Mode - I love it!

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Re: Panasonic S5 - Hi-Res Mode - I love it!

reinhard becker wrote:

Charles Hull wrote:

kodacolor wrote:

Reviewing the manual for the S5 it states that "When using APS-C lenses, [Multiple Exposure] is not available".

I was hoping it would work these lenses, as this is what I have to start with.

On my Sony A7 series cameras I can use APS-c lenses with no restrictions; most have a black border around them, but it opens up the availability of lenses and creative choices.

Another option I want to use is Leica's M-Adapter L and R-Adapter M, with some M lenses and several R lenses, I also have some older Nikon lenses I use often.

Is there any restrictions when shooting adapted lenses?

You may want to investigate the new Adobe Camera RAW "Super Resolution " capability. This is a game changer for situations like this, and is the equivalent of using the High Resolution mode for APS-C images. It will convert a 9.4MP 3536X2656 APS-C image to a 37.5MP 7072X5312 image. And after you move up to a full frame lens it will only be better.

This is not quite available yet for Intel based computers, but is available in Photoshop for Apple silicon M1 computers. I fortunately have an M1 and have been really impressed. By the way, I tend to get better results than with pixel shift High Resolution. It should be available for Intel based systems soon, in Photoshop and Lightyear.

The ACR Super Resolution is already available on Intel Macs, so I think also on Intel PCs. I tested this feature with different kind of pictures. It is ok, the result is a little bit better then the normal RAW, but the saved file is gigantic!
on the other side the quality is really worse in comparison to the real HighRes output from the camera, which offers not only better sharpness, but also lower noise and higher dynamic. So if you need more IQ, HighRes will really help, the SuperResolution gives only minor advantages...

I have Topaz Gigapixel AI and its very good (but slow) for fixing low res images and increasing certain image types resolution, but I need the high-res sensor for single or multi shot for the work I'm doing (sharpness, low noise, dynamic range).

I'm looking at compatibility issues of L-mount and the abilities that it has. I am partially invested in Sony FF E-mount and L-mount and need to settle on one system.

Sony A7 series easily excepts anything attached to it and allows full control and use of the sensor no matter the lens attached (APSc E-mount, FE E-mount, or adapted lens with any electronic of dumb adapter), while L-mount from Panasonic or Leica seems to be more limiting; such as APSc automatic cropping on a Panasonic or Leica cameras, so I'm concerned with adapted lenses since this what I often use.

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