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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

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It would make better sense to me to trade in your Z6 for a Z6II. Honest question: why did you go for a Z6 if you need dual card slots?

The Z6 was my first camera and I didn't do much professional/paid work when I first started shooting a year and a half ago. I didn't need dual card slots a year ago, now I do.

Have you had problems with the single card slot? Do you have a lot of Nikon glass? If you have a lot of Nikon glass then staying with Nikon makes sense.

But all that said Fuji is a lot of fun to shoot with and the colors are great to work with

I currently have a Z6 with the 20mm, 35, 50 and 85mm. So not super expensive lenses but they are all Z mount.

I have not had issues but I do get anxiety on every shoot I go on, hoping it won't fail. I've also had a couple of clients require 2 card slots.

In that case, I'd probably stay with Nikon and get a Z5 or Z6ii. You're already familiar with the system, you can sell your Z6, recuperate some money and use it to buy another Nikon camera.

Then buy an X100F/V and use the Fuji as a fun take everywhere camera to scratch your Fuji itch 

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