Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

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Re: Olympus Em1 Mk2 + 12-100 F4 PRO or Sony RX100 VII

Chris R-UK wrote:

Nobody else has yet replied to you so I will have a go. I have never owned an RX100, although I have certainly thought about it. I do own an Olympus E-M1.2 but not the 12-100mm lens - I have the 12-40mm f/2.8 instead.

Thanks for your reply Chris. Actually, I need the get the camera soon.

The big difference between these two is size and flexibility. I don't think that you are going to find any significant difference in image quality - the Olympus might just shade it because of the larger sensor. I also think that the AF performance with both cameras will be more than adequate for what you won't to photograph. Both have in-camera HDR. They both have many, many functions that you will never use.

If the Sony does a good job of the auto HDR mode and if there isn't much of a difference in image quality, then it doesn't really make much sense for me in getting the bigger but wonderfully built Oly.

One thing I was concerned about was that I can put an ND on the Olympus. Don't know about the RX Mk7, if there is anything available for that doesn't negate its form factor.

The handling and controls will be much better on the Olympus because its larger body has more space for buttons and wheels - handling has always been a weakness of the RX100 series. The Olympus EVF is probably much better as well. However, if you are only ever going to use the camera in auto mode, the poor handling of the Sony may not be an issue for you. For me, the handling was what put me off getting any of RX100 series cameras.

You're right there friend. I have factored that in and have thought about a smallrig cage for the RX with the wooden handle.

That leaves size and flexibility. The Olympus is a pretty big camera with the 12-100mm lens mounted. The Sony is tiny. On the other hand, everything is fixed on the Sony, with the Olympus you can change lenses which greatly increases your flexibility in using the camera.

That's what I was thinking about as well for when the light drops. I could buy a 17mm Oly lens, either the 1.2 or the 1.8 for the evenings. No idea how the 12 to 100 f4 will perform in the evening. The Sony won't do very well with High ISOs I guess.

At the end of the day, you have to make the choice between size and flexibility/handling.

Personally, if I were in your position, I would be looking at the cheaper Sony RX100 MkVI or earlier cameras rather than the Mk VII. I would also go for the smaller Olympus E-M5 MkIII over the E-M1.2, and I would probably go for two smaller, cheaper lenses instead of the big, expensive 12-100mm. I would also consider the Panasonic LX100 MkII as an alternative between the Sony and Olympus in terms of size.

I looked at the EM5 mk3 but it ia retailing at a couple of hundred pounds more than the em1 mk2. I need the the range 24 to 200, so I was looking at the 12 to 100 and the Sony. Without the deeper grip, will the Em5 balance well when attached to the 12 to 100.

I gave up on the Em10 m2 because of the contrast detect AF. The shutter speed would go too low and cranking up the ISO to maintain good shutter speeds introduced a lot of noise, at which point it was not much better than my IPhone. The range of the LX100 mk2 is not what I need and the Contrast Detect AF.

I guess I will have to try both out but its hard to get your hands on either of them during the lock down. 😅

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Chris R

Thanks again Chris.

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